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Books by Professor Tom McLeish

Soon available from Oxford University Press, Soft Matter: A Very Short Introduction, by Tom McLeish (22 October 2020; 176pp). It is currently available for pre-order both via OUP and Amazon. Purchase: OUP | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com Book description: Soft Matter science is concerned with soft materials such as polymers, colloids, liquid crystals, and foams, and […]

Cyril O’Regan: Articles on Church Life Journal

Cyril O’Regan is the Catherine F. Huisking Chair in Theology at the University of Notre Dame. His latest book is the first installment of a multi-volume intellectual history of Gnosticism in modernity, The Anatomy of Misremembering, Volume 1: Hegel. Below are O’Regan’s most recent articles published in Church Life Journal: A Journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life: […]

Now available in Veritas: Hide and Seek: The Sacred Art of Indirect Communication, by Benson P. Fraser

Now available in the Veritas series: Hide and Seek: The Sacred Art of Indirect Communication, by Benson P. Fraser. [Purchase: Wipf & Stock] Book description: As bearers of the divine image, all of us are storytellers and artists. However, few people today believe in truth that is not empirically knowable or verifiable, the sort of […]

Conference: The Future of Christian Thinking

The Future of Christian Thinking An international conference hosted by St Patrick’s College, Maynooth Today, perhaps more than ever before, Christian thought faces unprecedented challenges; ranging from a denial of metaphysics, to previously unforeseen ethico-moral questions arising from contemporary science and ever-advancing technologies, to a full-blown economizing of the political, to name just some of […]

Now available in Veritas: Exorcising Philosophical Modernity, ed. Philip John Paul Gonzales

Now available in the Veritas series: Exorcising Philosophical Modernity: Cyril O’Regan and Christian Discourse after Modernity, edited by Philip John Paul Gonzales. [Purchase: Wipf & Stock | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk ] What should Christian discourse look like after philosophical modernity? In one manner or another the essays in this volume seek to confront and intellectually exorcise […]

Now available: Can We Believe in People? by Stephen R. L. Clark

Now available from Angelico Press: Can We Believe in People? Human Significance in an Interconnected Cosmos by Stephen R. L. Clark, with a foreword by Catherine Pickstock. [Purchase: Paperback | Cloth] Description: The view that humanity is “in the image and likeness of God” has influenced the past two millennia of European history, and retains […]

New from William C. Hackett: Philosophy in Word & Name

Now available from Angelico Press: Philosophy in Word & Name: Myth, Wisdom, Apocalypse, by William C. Hackett. [Purchase: Paperback | Cloth] Description: MYTH. WISDOM. APOCALYPSE. Three words of ancient pedigree offering the seeker a promise: to unlock the door of understanding to the highest and best things—the divine things. Three keys, then, for a “Philosophy in […]

One-Day Event: The Future of Hylomorphism

University of Nottingham Centre of Theology and Philosophy The Future of Hylomorphism: Something and Someone to Talk about One-Day Event Thursday 30 April 2020 10am-6pm Humanities A03 University of Nottingham For more information, please contact: conor.cunningham@nottingham.ac.uk Speakers: Robert Koons, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas Anna Marmodoro, Professor of Metaphysics, University of Durham David S Oderberg, Professor of […]

Special Issue of Religions CFP: “Science, Theology and Metaphysics”

Special Issue Information Dear Colleagues, Sergei Bulgakov made the profound point that ‘Science is an answer to a question that precedes it’. Profound as this is, it often goes unnoticed. In so doing, cultural divides are generated, divides that accommodate acrimonious encounter, if there be encounter between disciplines at all. Yet it is not simply […]

Macrina Magazine: Fresh Philosophical Engagements with an Ancient Faith

New online publication: Macrina Magazine: Fresh Philosophical Engagements with an Ancient Faith Macrina Magazine is an online Christian philosophical journal that offers readers a platform to explore faith, politics, and culture critically and creatively. We seek to offer a respite for overstimulated yet undernourished minds that are hungry for more substantial reflection than the twenty-four-hour […]

Now available: Seven Brief Lessons on Magic, by Paul Tyson

Now out from Cascade Books, Seven Brief Lessons on Magic, by Paul Tyson. Is magic real? Could anything be real that can’t be quantified or scientifically investigated? Are qualities like love, beauty, and goodness really just about hormones and survival? Are strangely immaterial things, like thought and personhood, fully explainable in scientific terms? Does nature itself […]

Now available: The Apocalypse of Wisdom: Louis Bouyer’s Theological Recovery of the Cosmos

Now available from Angelico Press, The Apocalypse of Wisdom: Louis Bouyer’s Theological Recovery of the Cosmos, by Keith Lemna. Although the French Oratorian priest Louis Bouyer was one of the most comprehensive, influential, and prescient theologians of the twentieth century, only in recent years have some major European studies begun to uncover the rich treasury […]

New in the Veritas series: Cosmology without God?, by David Alcalde

Now available in the Veritas series: Cosmology without God?: The Problematic Theology Inherent in Modern Cosmology, by Fr. David Alcalde, with a foreword by Michael Hanby. [Purchase: Wipf & Stock] Is God a superfluous hypothesis for modern cosmology? According to the normal understanding of modern science, the answer should be affirmative because modern science is supposed […]

Notable: Kierkegaard’s Theological Sociology, by Paul Tyson

Now available from Cascade Books, Kierkegaard’s Theological Sociology: Prophetic Fire for the Present Age, by Paul Tyson. Purchase: Cascade | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk Kierkegaard developed a distinctive type of sociology in the 1840s—a theological sociology. Looking at society through the lens of analysis categories such as worship, sin, and faith, Kierkegaard developed a profoundly insightful […]

CFP: Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference

The Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference (PMR) at Villanova University invites you to participate in its 44th International PMR Conference October 18-20, 2019 As always, the PMR makes an OPEN CALL to scholars, institutions, and societies to propose Papers, Panels, or Sponsored Sessions in all areas and topics in LATE ANTIQUITY/PATRISTICS, BYZANTINE STUDIES, MEDIEVAL […]

IAI panel: Trouble with Heaven: Why does the dark and dangerous attract us?

Trouble with Heaven: Why does the dark and the dangerous attract us? From Milton’s Paradise Lost to bad boys and femmes fatales, we are seduced by the dark and dangerous. Why does the devil have all the best tunes? Have we sanitised the good and made it vacuous, through religion as well as philosophy? Could […]

Alison Milbank’s Areopagus Lecture on Imaginative Apologetics

From the Areopagus Lectures page at Mars Hill Audio: Alison Milbank on Imaginative Apologetics “What I am calling ‘imaginative apologetics’ renews our mind. It begins when we ourselves stand apart from ourselves and receive our faith freshly, as if gifted to us for the first time, and when we use the difference of our religious […]

“A Deeper South” by Pete Candler

IT BEGAN with an ending. We did not realize then how fortunate we were to see Johnny Cash one last time. His career was riding tailwinds then, and he sounded in full voice, but there were portents in the air. His own breath sometimes came up short. I did not know that August 10, 1997, […]

CFA & CFP: 7th International Summer School & Conference – Beyond Secular Faith

Call for Applications and Call for Papers 7th International Summer School and Conference – Beyond Secular Faith “The Whole in the Fragment: Sacramental versus Contractual Logic” 23– 30 June, 2019 – Granada (Spain) For more information and to register, click here. Organizing Institutions Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein, Granada Faculty of Philosophy – The Pontifical […]

New in Veritas: by Charles Péguy: Notes on Bergson and Descartes

Now out in the Veritas series: Notes on Bergson and Descartes: Philosophy, Christianity, and Modernity in Contestation by Charles Péguy translated by Bruce K. Ward with a foreword by John Milbank Purchase: Wipf & Stock | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk Charles Péguy (1873–1914) was a French religious poet, philosophical essayist, publisher, social activist, Dreyfusard, and Catholic […]

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