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Now available: Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics (Vol. 3, no. 1)

ROTPP3.1-Cover [1]Radical Orthodoxy: [1]
Theology, Philosophy, Politics [1]
Vol. 3, Number 1. September 2015


“God, Creation, and Evil: The Moral Meaning of creatio ex nihilo”
David Bentley Hart

“Laughter and the Between: G. K. Chesterton and the Reconciliation of Theology and Hilarity”
Duncan Bruce Reyburn

“A Supernatural Nowhere: How Radical Orthodoxy and Lonergan Studies have Failed to Get Along (And Why they Should)”
Jonathan Robert Heaps

Review Essays

“A Very Critical Response to Karen Kilby: On Failing to See the Form”
D. C. Schindler

“Hillbillies at the Gates: Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt’s Thomas Aquinas: Faith, Reason, and Following Christ”
Brendan Thomas Sammon

“Theocracy and Apocalypse: Political Theology of Artur Mrówczyński-Van Allen”
Paweł Rojek

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